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You may find yourself at some point looking at a situation in which you are considering a new piece of furniture.  The piece will go in a spare bedroom or den you may have, or perhaps one of the kids is moving in to a (very small)  place of their own, and they can get either a bed to fill it, or a couch so there’s something to sit on.  When these situations occur, many people like yourself have taken to purchasing a Futon to fill the need.  The good old Futon, not just a bed and not just a sofa, couch, or chair.  The Futon has grown in popularity and sophistication over the last 40 years to become a very fashionable and very usable piece of furniture and bedding.

We Know Futons is an independent website designed to help you gather information about the variety of Futon options that are available.  We Know Futons should be your first stop in your search for a new Futon.

Our goal is to provide information about what to look for when purchasing a futon as well as the types of futons available, futon manufacturers, futon sellers, the best deals on futons and the latest innovations and technologies in the futon industry.

Futons have been around for thousands of years in the Japanese culture and is still their primary sleep option.  Futons had been available in the United States for some time, but it was in the 1970’s that futons really became popular here, primarily due to their convenience and affordability.  Since then they have steadily gotten more comfortable as well as more stylish and have become a very viable furniture and bedding option for many Americans.  Futons are no longer the thin 2 inch mattress on the blond wooden slats that fold from an uncomfortable ‘couch’ in to an uncomfortable bed.  They come in a myriad of styles, fashions and designs to meet anyones needs.

We Know Futons does not sell Futons or relevant products and we are not affiliated with any producer, supplier or retailer of futons.  We are an independent resource and provider of information for consumers and shoppers who are looking in to or doing research on a futon purchase.  We collect information and amass it here at We Know Futons for your use.  You will also find specials offered by some of the nations leading futon and bedding companies here in the Ads we have on our pages.  Additionally, as special sales, discounts, and industry news comes to us, we will post it here in a further effort to keep you up to date on what is available.  We Know Futons does not recommend or endorse any particular futon or futon provider, we just hope to provide you information while making your decision.

The team at We Know Futons hopes you enjoy learning about futons and use the information we are able to provide to make the very best futon purchase for yourself or someone you know.

Best Regards and Sweet Dreams!, the “We Know Futons” team.

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