Common futon frames materials

Futon frames are made generally from either metal, wood or a combination thereof.  We take a look at the different futon frame materials here so that you will have a head start when you get out there and begin shopping.  What do metal frames offer?  Are all wood futon frames the same?  How about a metal/wood combination?  Let’s take a look at what you will find available.  For a more in depth look at futon frames, check out our Futon Frame Materials page.

Metal– Metal futon frames range from classic to modern/contemporary in design.  Metal futon frames are fairly durable, if not too thin.  You find them pretty easy to assemble, and are light enough to be easy to move around.  Often times metal futon frames are less expensive than many of the wooden frames.  The nature of a round metal bar as the cross support can impact the comfort of a futon laying upon it if the futon is too thin.

Metal and Wood frames– Using wood for some of the futon frame components can add different styling and comfort opportunities.  Flat wooden slats as the mattress support are more comfortable than the thin metal bars, and using wood for the end arms allows for a ‘warmer’ feel from the piece.  At a certain point though, you may just decide to go for our third type of futon frame- all wood.

Wood– The most popular type of futon frame is the wood frame. Two types of wood are used in furniture: hardwood and softwood.  The terms describe the characteristics of the trees, not specifically the firmness of the wood.  There is a lot of overlap in the groups of hard and soft wood.  Though, hardwoods tend to be harder, and soft softer.

  • Hardwoods– Grow in temperate/mild climates, have a more dense wood, leaves are broad and fall off in winter.  Examples are: Mahogany, Oak, Beech, Maple, and Cherry.  Hardwoods have greater strength and stability.
  • Softwoods– Tend to grow in cooler/cold climates, cone bearing, needle leaves like: Pine, Aspen, spruce and Fir.  Softwoods are good for intricate carvings, they are more susceptible to marks and dings.
  • The 5 most common woods used for furniture: Mahogany, Oak, Maple, Beech and Pine.

A high quality wood futon frame should be made from superior wood for good durability.  Dense wood like beech, maple, oak and southern yellow pine are good examples.  Mahogany is a more expensive wood that you will find in higher end furniture.  The best woods for staining- a favorite of the ‘do it yourself-er’ are pine, maple and oak.

As with most pieces of furniture, futon frames offer you a lot of options and choices.  The futon frame you ultimately end up purchasing will depend on what you look for in style, durability, size and price.

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